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Spare Snare - The Complete BBC Radio Sessions 1995 - 2018 (Box, Album, RM + 3xCD, RM) (M)

Media Condition: Mint (M)
Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Released: 2021-01-29

Country:  UK

New sealed copy.

Barcode and Other Identifiers:

Barcode 7427064892106


25 years since Spare Snare’s first John Peel Session for the BBC, it seems timely to collate everything the band have done for the Corporation and put it in a little clamshell box. The box features 42 tracks, all previously unavailable, including 2 jingles never broadcast. Covering three John Peel Sessions, two Marc Riley Sessions, numerous BBC Radio Scotland Sessions and a track for Aled Jones! Spare Snare being the only band to record for both Peel and Jones. There was always a hope the BBC Sessions would be released, and so you’ll find only two duplicate songs out of the 42 tracks, foresight is a wonderful thing. This is a in depth overview of a band, in a different guise to their own recordings, having the opportunity to experiment, or stick to a tight broadcast ‘live on air’ schedule or just generally have some fun, you get it all here. Jan Burnett, the main man behind the band co ordinated this release with the BBC and compiled the tracks, sourcing from the BBC directly or from personal tapes. All the tracks have been remastered specifically for this release. Accompanying the three CD’s is a full colour 36 page booklet featuring photographs from the sessions. The artwork is a nod to the BBC’s Study Series of albums from the late 1960’s, early 1970’s. Each soundwave on the sleeves relate to the relevant discs. The John Peel Sessions sleeve has a soundwave featuring John introducing the first play of a Spare Snare record on his programme. Available to buy directly from the label and band here: 522 were manufactured.

1-1. Wired For Sound (John Peel Session, 07​/​01​/​1995) 2:22
1-2. Super Slinky (John Peel Session, 07​/​01​/​1995) 3:18
1-3. Bugs (John Peel Session, 07​/​01​/​1995) 4:38
1-4. Call The Birds (John Peel Session, 07​/​01​/​1995) 2:25
1-5. Profile Check (John Peel Session, 13​​/​​12​​/​​1998) 3:55
1-6. They Airbushed My Face (John Peel Session, 13​/​12​/​1998) 3:17
1-7. D'ye ken that Bruce Hornsby and The Range are on the mogadons, ken? (John Peel Session, 13​/​12​/​1998) 1:07
1-8. We Are The Snare (John Peel Session, 13​/​12​/​1998) 3:47
1-9. Holding On To The Shore (John Peel Session, 13​/​12​/​1998) 2:22
1-10. See On T​.​V. (John Peel Session, 29​/​04​/​2001) 2:19
1-11. Surrender (John Peel Session, 29​/​04​/​2001) 3:09
1-12. Taking On The Sides (John Peel Session, 29​/​04​/​2001) 2:50
1-13. The Rattling Boy From Dublin Town (John Peel Session, 29​/​04​/​2001) 4:12
1-14. Home Truths Jingle (John Peel Session, 29​/​04​/​2001) 0:32
1-15. John Peel Show Jingle (John Peel Session, 29​/​04​/​2001) 0:37
2-1. Wired For Sound (Beat Patrol live at the 13th Note, Glasgow, 30​​/​​07​​/​​1995) 2:22
2-2. Super Slinky (Beat Patrol live at the 13th Note, Glasgow, 30​/​07​/​1995) 2:38
2-3. As A Matter Of Fact (Beat Patrol live at the 13th Note, Glasgow, 30​/​07​/​1995) 3:56
2-4. Thorns (Beat Patrol live at the 13th Note, Glasgow, 30​/​07​/​1995) 3:31
2-5. Bruising You (Beat Patrol live at the 13th Note, Glasgow, 30​/​07​/​1995) 2:46
2-6. Bugs (Beat Patrol live at the 13th Note, Glasgow, 30​/​07​/​1995) 5:32
2-7. Last Night (Beat Patrol, 15​/​12​/​1996) 2:25
2-8. Hit Man cha cha cha (Beat Patrol, 15​/​12​/​1996) 3:06
2-9. Troubles (Session In Scotland 25​/​09​/​1999) 2:48
2-10. Scrabble (Session In Scotland 25​/​09​/​1999) 2:20
2-11. Stop Complaining (Session In Scotland 25​/​09​/​1999) 3:15
2-12. Shut Up And Sit Down (Air, 24​/​05​/​2004) 2:37
2-13. Calm The Verbals (Air, 24​/​05​/​2004) 3:04
2-14. Why Don't You Sing In Your Accent? (Air, 24​/​05​/​2004) 3:40
2-15. Action Hero (Vic Galloway Session, 08​/​10​/​2018) 2:31
2-16. Grow (Vic Galloway Session, 08​/​10​/​2018) 4:30
2-17. Hope You Never Go (Vic Galloway Session, 08​/​10​/​2018) 2:56
2-18. If I Had A Hi​-​Fi (Vic Galloway Session, 08​/​10​/​2018) 2:59
3-1. Spot The Difference (Marc Riley Session, 16​/​07​/​2009) 3:41
3-2. Stop Complaining (Marc Riley Session, 16​/​07​/​2009) 3:13
3-3. We Know The Truth (Marc Riley Session, 16​/​07​/​2009) 2:25
3-4. Action Hero (Marc Riley Session, 25​/​09​/​2018) 2:31
3-5. I Am God (Marc Riley Session, 25​​/​​09​​/​​2018) 3:46
3-6. Work I Am (Marc Riley Session, 25​/​09​/​2018) 4:16
3-7. Hope You Never Go (Marc Riley Session, 25​/​09​/​2018) 2:50
3-8. Amazing Grace (Good Morning Sunday with Aled Jones, 2007) 3:16
3-9. Amazing Grace (Instrumental) (Good Morning Sunday with Aled Jones, 2007) 3:15

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